On a total of 6,500 square meters of office space, distributed over four floors, 280 workplaces have been created. In the cuboid administrative building with its inner courtyard, an open-space concept is lived out - bright rooms, short communication paths, optimized processes.


A flexible workplace concept has been created in times of a digital working world, which nevertheless offers enough places of retreat such as a dozen think tanks, 24 meeting rooms, six café lounges, a break room and a large number of differently designed free zones. Think tanks are small creative spaces that offer the opportunity for undisturbed brainstorming, concentrated work and trustful telephone calls.

An open exchange is possible in every free zone and café-lounge. The motto is: As much exchange as possible, as much rest as necessary. The widespread introduction of laptops, new messaging tools and a telephone client with headset makes location-independent, mobile working possible.


Global video and telephone conferences with colleagues, manufacturers or customers are also a part of the agenda. As a result, numerous synergy effects can be used for cross-project and cross-departmental work in the new, agile MTS working world.

Technical building equipment

Climate-friendly standards in new buildings

Not only the new office concept is designed for the future, but the entire building itself. The building was constructed according to the KfW55 standard.



Thus, only 55% of the energy of a normal building is required. The triple glazing, the lighting with LEDs, but also the energy floor, which is used for heating and cooling, contribute to this.

Venetian blinds additionally shield the heat and direct sunlight without restricting daylight illumination. Whether sun or snow - the clever equipment of the building ensures a pleasant working climate all year round.


Energy is also recovered from the air with automatic ventilation. In addition, the building is equipped with a photovoltaic system on the roof, which in good weather generates more energy than is consumed in the building itself.

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