MTS is the home of many renowned and strong brands - our own brands are particularly important to us.


...or as we like to say: car care made easy.
Continuous optimisation of the broad product range in the field of car care and use of the latest technologies for best performance and at the same time maximum user-friendliness make NIGRIN one of the leading car care brands in the German-speaking world today.


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With a lot of technical know-how and dedication, FISCHER develops and designs high-performance pedelecs and e-scooters in the Palatinate as an environmentally friendly and healthy means of transport for everyone.

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cartrend is the indispensable brand in the car and workshop accessories sector and has been around for over two decades. Technology enthusiasts get their money's worth, because the brand supplies drivers with hip car gadgets such as charging trays for inductive charging of smartphones or retrofittable head-up displays.

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UNITEC®, that is a complete and high-quality range of products in the field of electrical engineering. The brand supplies a variety of products such as energy-efficient electrical installation materials, installation boxes, plugs and couplings. The list is long. UNITEC® understands how to make everyday life more beautiful with modern and smart solutions, while at the same time ensuring greater safety in the home or workshop.

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