About us

The MTS Group is an internationally active branded goods manufacturer with around 700 employees at 7 locations worldwide. With a leading market position in the DACH region and an international presence with headquarters in Germany and subsidiaries in Switzerland, Austria, Poland and Hong Kong, the group has a strong international network of manufacturers and suppliers.


It offers a fully integrated business model that manages the entire value chain, starting with product development and extending to product presentation at the POS, as a service provider with a product range of more than 20,000 items.


With our ranges of car accessories, car care, bicycle and bike accessories, electrical installation material and workwear, MTS products with the optimal mix of price and performance are valued as valuable helpers in almost every household, garage and construction site. In addition, there are country-specific ranges such as tools and ventilation technology.

Our B2C customers include all DIY enthusiasts, regardless of whether they prefer to work on their bicycle or car themselves. Also those who want to modernise their own four walls are in the right place with MTS products.

In the B2B sector, large European retail chains are among our customers. We serve the 4 pillars of distribution from the classic large surface, the discounter up to the specialized trade as well as the dynamic online trade.


In addition to our four well-known own brands NIGRIN, FISCHER, cartrend, and UNITEC® , we offer our customers a wide range of other products from leading manufacturers. With our broad portfolio, our trading partners can clearly distinguish themselves from the competition in their respective markets: From us you get everything from one source.


With our one-stop-shop solution, we cover the entire value chain with more than 20,000 articles.


In 2021, the group, headed by the two managing directors Jürgen Herrmann and Frank Jansen, generated a total turnover of round about 415 million euros.

Represented worldwide

Locations & Companies

MTS Cartrend Inter-Union Technohandel EVB Handelshaus Bour MTS HandelService Tegro Viktor E Kern Intertec Polska Intertec Asia


Germany is the largest branch with five departments and thus the central service provider within the MTS Group.


MTS MarkenTechnikService GmbH & Co. KG, Rülzheim

The company headquarters are located in Germany, in Rülzheim in the southern Palatinate. All our departments, from the management over quality assurance to the internal sales department, are located in Rülzheim.



Cartrend GmbH, Landau in der Pfalz

Under the name Cartrend GmbH, FISCHER offers its customers a wide range of additional services with an all-round customer service. In addition to a service hotline that deals with all questions and concerns regarding FISCHER die fahrradmarke E-Bikes, customers also have access to a home repair service. With 25 trained customer service mechanics, this ensures satisfied FISCHER customers throughout the country.



MTS HandelService GmbH, Rülzheim

MTS HandelService GmbH is a service company within the MTS Group and offers a complete service in the area of disposition and clearance of goods. With its field service covering the entire area, HandelService guarantees a high density of visits at need-based intervals. The trained furnishing teams optimise the presentation of products to our customers at the POS.



EVB Handelshaus Bour GmbH, Rülzheim

EVB Handelshaus Bour GmbH is the specialist in the market for car care and car accessories with an optimal mix of strong brands and a range of over 2,000 products. As a specialist and partner of the car accessories trade, EVB Handelshaus Bour GmbH supports its customers with services ranging from the procurement of products and brands, marketing concepts and placements to logistics. Thanks to decades of experience in the fields of car care and car accessories, the company's specialists develop flexible modules, displays and information systems that can be ideally integrated into customer-specific shop areas.



Inter-Union Technohandel GmbH, Rülzheim

Inter-Union Technohandel GmbH offers efficient brand assortments in the areas of car care, car accessories, bicycle (e-bike) and bicycle accessories as well as electrical installation material. It supplies its customers from the large-area, mail-order, specialist stores and petrol stations segments with efficient full product ranges including the necessary logistics and supply of goods at the POS. Inter-Union Technohandel GmbH develops and procures products worldwide, which are marketed through four national subsidiaries and distribution partners in the most important European countries.

As the second largest unit within the MTS Group, Switzerland supplies our service providers with country-specific product ranges.


Tegro AG, Schwerzenbach

Tegro AG is a product range wholesaler and service provider for DIY stores, specialty and supermarkets and gas station shops. The product range also includes bicycle accessories, electrical materials, hand and garden tools. Throughout Switzerland, Tegro offers its customers a unique low price concept for short-term management of vacant spaces. Further information about the company can be found on the company's own homepage www.tegro.ch.

The Austrian location supplies the local market and forms the bridge to the CEE distributors.


Viktor E. Kern Ges.m.b.H, Wien

Since the company was founded by Viktor Eustachius Kern in Vienna, Viktor E. Kern Ges.m.b.H. has specialized in the distribution of car accessories and car care. Bicycle accessories and electrical installation material followed as new product ranges.

The location in Poland supplies the market with products from the MTS range, expanded with country-specific product offerings.


Intertec Polska Sp.z o.o., Nadarzyn

Intertec Polska Sp.z o.o. specializes in the distribution of car and bicycle accessories. Today Intertec Polska Sp.z o.o. is one of the main suppliers of these sales outlets in the car and bicycle accessories sector in Poland.

Our Hong Kong location serves as a procurement office for the Group and also offers direct import services for third parties.


Intertec Asia Limited

Intertec Asia Limited acts on the one hand as purchasing support for the Intertec Group, on the other hand as a separate company for FOB (Free on Board) direct sales of all Intertec product ranges. In addition to the geographical proximity to the Asian suppliers and purchasing offices of our customers, the team has a high level of know-how in the handling of international trade transactions (logistics, financial administration etc.). Intertec Asia Limited acts as a bridge between the Asian and German business world. With its own quality assurance team on site, Intertec Asia Limited takes over the direct communication with Asian test houses and suppliers. The team is also responsible for social audits and further development of our suppliers.

Company Philosophy

Our employees are motivated and innovative, together we have been successful for years. We think progressively in order to secure our company's success in the long term.

Our corporate culture is characterised by respect and openness. In our business world you will find values such as mutual trust, respectful interaction and attentivenes.


The MTS Group is a merger of Inter-Union and SPA and looks back on a long company history.

We have about nine different locations. Today the group has a total of seven different locations.

Inter-Union Technohandel

Foundation "Union-Autozubehör" in Landau by Werner Saipt
Acquisition of the production and trademark rights to chemical formulations for all NIGRIN products
UNITEC trademark application
Introduction of the Profex bicycle accessories range
Acquisition of the FISCHER brand
Foundation of Intertec Asia Limited

SPA SystemPartnerAutoteile
GmbH & Co. KG

Trademark application cartrend
Foundation of the SPA by Bosch-licensed wholesalers
Acquisition of a competitor
Foundation of the quality management and procurement company "tested" in Asia; later merged with the quality management office of Intertec Asia Limited
Expansion of the portfolio with the Cartec brand
Market launch AEG-Automotive
Merger of Inter-Union Technohandel GmbH and SPA SystemPartner GmbH & Co. KG to form MarkenTechnikService GmbH (MTS) with headquarters in Landau and Karlsruhe.
Move to the new headquarters of the MTS Group in Rülzheim