The official inauguration of the new administration location was a Saturday with many highlights. One of them was the competition between our VIP athletes - Lisa Buckwitz, Oliver Roggisch and Sven Ottke - and a team of four employees. It was a very special kind of competition, but in the end the athletes took the overall victory.

Officially, we sent a signal to the sky together and sent 150 balloons on their way. The white and blue balloons made a beautiful picture in the sky. Whose balloon postcard found its way back to us and covered the longest distance, was informed afterwards and given a small present.

Our families and friends enjoyed the building tours and getting to know the new MTS working world. The guests were impressed by the building and the overall working atmosphere. 


Our own brands also made a strong appearance. NIGRIN, FISCHER and cartrend provided a lot of enthusiasm with their demonstrations and offers for self-testing.

Even the youngest children had fun in the bouncy castle, with the goal wall and with the children's make-up: lion, spiderman, butterfly. There were no limits to the kids' fantasies.

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