In November, the time had finally come: At our big staff party, we were all able to see each again after almost three years. We all had two fantastic days in a very special location, the Europapark Rust.


Our afternoon together was filled with numerous highlights, such as honoring our longest-serving employees and getting to know our shareholders of WM SE. After the official part, everyone was allowed to move into their hotel room and freshen up before dinner. Thanks to a mixed table allocation, there were no limits for networking and all colleagues from the various locations had the opportunity to have a talk with each other.

We all had a great time at the aftershow party with the band and DJ. The atmosphere was great: We danced and laughed a lot, just phenomenal.  On the following day none of us would miss out on the europapark and all the funfair rides it has to offer. Whether high-speed attractions or more leisurely rides, there was something for everyone.


Another special moment was the radio interview at Schwarzwaldradio on the Europapark grounds with presenter Matthias Drescher. A small group consisting of five employees was allowed to have their first radio experience and report on our employee party and our company in a 15-minute interview - a great experience!

In conclusion, there is only one thing left to say: Two fantastic days with a first-class atmosphere, great conversations and lots of fun & action! Especially in turbulent times, it is important to share some great memories and to internalize the feeling of a strong company group, because only together can great challenges be mastered.


A big thank you to all participants and contributors who made our staff party unforgettable!

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