The Company MTS

The MTS Group

The core business of the MTS Group includes car care, car accessories, bicycles, bicycle accessories, electrical installation material and clothing. In addition, there are country-specific ranges such as tools, ventilation technology and others.


In addition to its own strong brands, the Group also sells a wide range of products from leading manufacturers to complete its product range. The additional services we offer enable our trading partners to stand out clearly from the competition in their respective markets.


The MTS Group currently employs around 700 people at its 10 locations.


In 2017, the group, under the two managing directors, Jürgen Herrmann and Frank Jansen, achieved a total turnover of 400 million euros.


Inter-Union Technohandel GmbH

Werner Saipt founds the company "Union-Autozubehör" in Landau, Germany.
Purchase of all production rights, recipes and protected trademarks from NIGRIN
Introduction of the bicycle accessories range
Brand purchase of FISCHER -die fahrradmarke
Consolidation of the business activities of Inter-Union and SPA under the name of MTS MarkenTechnikService GmbH

SPA SystemPartner GmbH & Co. KG

Bosch contract wholesalers found the company SPA
Foundation of the quality management and sourcing company "tested".
Extension of the portfolio by the brand Cartec
Launch AEG-Automotive
Consolidation of the business activities of Inter-Union and SPA under the name MTS MarkentechnikService GmbH
Move into the new company headquarters of MTS Group in Rülzheim

The MTS Group

The MTS Group successfully manufactures, trades and sells more than 20,000 articles from the product groups car care and car accessories, bicycles (e-bikes) and bicycle accessories as well as electrical installation material and new product groups such as workwear.


The MTS Group is known for its strong own brands "NIGRIN", "FISCHER die Fahrradmarke", "uniTEC" and "cartrend". Other brands such as AEG, Bosch, Caramba, CAT, Goodyear, Michelin, Mobil, Osram, Philips, Sonax and Wunderbaum are also part of the brand portfolio.


The MTS Group sees itself not only as a classic supplier for DIY stores, hypermarkets, specialist retailers, discounters, online shops or petrol stations, but also as a provider of innovative products, coupled with service-oriented services and solution-oriented action based on many years of trustful cooperation with manufacturers, suppliers and customers.

We supply our customers with efficient full product ranges including the necessary logistics and supply of goods at the point of sale. The MTS Group develops and procures products worldwide which are marketed via four national companies and distribution partners in the most important European countries.


The entire range control and logistic processing, as well as the quality of the delivered products are subject to a restrictive quality management which guarantees above-average delivery reliability, timely and demand-oriented processing and minimum complaint rates.

Represented worldwide

Locations & Companies

MTS MarkenTechnikService GmbH & Co KG

MTS MarkenTechnikService GmbH & Co KG is a wholesale company in the car accessories sector with product groups such as car care, car accessories, spare parts, wearing parts, motor oils and air fresheners. Services from procurement to marketing to logistics, as well as the development and production of innovative products and services complete the range of services offered by MTS MarkenTechnikService GmbH & Co KG.

Inter-Union Technohandel GmbH

Inter-Union Technohandel GmbH offers high-performance brand ranges in the areas of car care, car accessories, bicycle (e-bike) and bicycle accessories, as well as electrical installation material. With the strong brands NIGRIN, FISCHER die Fahrradmarke and uniTEC, Inter-Union Technohandel GmbH occupies a leading position in the relevant core markets. Its customers from the mass market, mail-order, specialist store and petrol station segments supply you with high-performance full-range products, including the necessary logistics and supply of goods at the point-of-sale. Inter-Union Technohandel GmbH develops and procures products worldwide which are marketed via four national companies and distribution partners in the most important European countries.

Viktor E. Kern Ges.m.b.H.

Since the company was founded by Viktor Eustachius Kern in Vienna, Viktor E. Kern Ges.m.b.H. has specialised in the sale of car accessories and car care. Bicycle accessories and electrical installation material followed as new product ranges.


Founded in 1971 as a Swiss dealer in the fields of car care and car accessories, Tegro AG has developed over the years into a wholesaler of entire ranges
and service provider for DIY stores, specialist stores and supermarkets, as well as petrol station shops.
The product range has been continuously developed and today also includes bicycle accessories, electrical material, hand tools and gardening tools. Tegro offers a unique small price concept for its customers throughout Switzerland for the short-term management of vacant spaces. Thanks to sophisticated logistics and a keen sense of product ranges, it enables customers to generate attractive additional sales. Further information about the company can be found on the company's own homepage

Intertec Polska Sp.z o.o.

Intertec Polska Sp.z o.o. specialises in the distribution of car and bicycle accessories. Today Intertec Polska Sp.z o.o. is one of the main suppliers of car and bicycle accessories to these outlets in Poland.

Intertec Asia Limited

Intertec Asia Limited acts, on the one hand, as purchasing support for the Intertec Group and, on the other hand, as a separate company for FOB direct sales of all Intertec product ranges. 
The advantage of the Intertec office in Hong Kong its geographical proximity to Asian suppliers and the purchasing offices of our customers. In addition to the elimination of the language barrier, the local team has a high level of know-how in the handling of international trade transactions (logistics, financial administration, etc.), as well as a sound background knowledge of local suppliers. In this way, Intertec Asia Limited assumes an optimal bridging function between the Asian and German business worlds. In addition, Intertec Asia Limited has its own quality assurance team, which can communicate directly with the Asian test houses and suppliers. Social audits, as well as further development of our suppliers are carried out by the quality management team.

EVB Handelshaus Bour GmbH

EVB Handelshaus Bour GmbH is the expert in the specialized market of car care and car accessories with an optimal mix from strong brands and a product range containing over 2,000 products, especially for the specialized market. As an expert and partner to the specialized car accessory trade, EVB Handelshaus Bour GmbH supports its customers with services such as the procurement of products and brands, marketing concepts and placements, and logistics. Thanks to decades of experience in the car care and car accessories sectors, the company's specialists have developed flexible modules, displays and information systems that can be ideally integrated into customer-specific shop areas.

Cartrend GmbH

Under the name Cartrend GmbH, Fischer die Fahrradmarke offers customers a wide range of additional services with its customer service. In addition to a service hotline, which deals with all questions and concerns relating to the purchase of e-bikes in general, but also to the individual models, customers also have an at home repair service at their disposal. With 25 trained service technicians, this ensures satisfied Fischer customers throughout the country.

MTS HandelService GmbH

The MTS HandelService GmbH offers a complete service in the area of disposition and goods clearance. Due to the comprehensive field service, the retail service guarantees a high density of visitors in rhythms that meet demand. The trained interior design teams optimise the presentation of customers' products at the PoS. You can find further information on retail services here.