The MTS Group is your partner in various areas and offers a variety of different services which meet the highest demands, individually and combined.


MTS not only offers a wide range of products in the form of strong brands, but also the corresponding support in the optimal presentation of the brands.

The MTS Group coordinates all the necessary steps for you, from product selection to selling to the end customer. Decades of experience make the MTS Group your reliable business partner.

The „brand strategy“ will tell you what possibilities the wide range of brands opens up for you.


The main service areas of the MTS Group are: Key Account Management, Sales and Disposervice/ Merchandising, Category Management, Warehousing/Retail Logistics, International Production and Procurement Management.

Product Strategy

In addition to its four strong own brands, NIGRIN, Fischer the bicycle brand, cartrend and uniTEC, the MTS Group offers you numerous other products from well-known manufacturers:

Brand Strategy

The MTS Group offers a wide range of brands in the areas of car care, car accessories, bicycle accessories and electrical equipment. With our brands NIGRIN, FISCHER, uniTEC and cartrend we occupy a leading position in the relevant core markets.
We at MTS know that success in retail is based on an optimal mix of strong brands, a convincing price-performance ratio of the products, as well as an exquisite and coordinated range. All products in the MTS range are characterised by a very high level of quality. This quality claim is documented by the selection of strong brands, as well as by seals of quality, certifications and awards for individual products.

Quality assurance also plays a central role at MTS and takes place consistently for imported products under the brands. The term "price-value" is therefore also fully guaranteed for low-cost products in terms of quality.
Not only well-known brands, but also innovative, high-quality and inexpensive products of other brands are available for you to choose from. Overall, MTS offers a wide range of products, which is continuously being further developed. In this way, new opportunities in the market with attractive offers can be recognized and used offensively.

Detailed information on our four brands NIGRIN, Fischer the bicycle brand, cartrend and uniTEC can be found here.

range Strategy

The topicality of the range is a central prerequisite for a high turnover of goods and thus for the success of a company.

The innovative and high-quality products of the MTS Group help you to run your business successfully.

In addition to classic promotional and seasonal articles, MTS specialists regularly check the current vehicle fleet. If necessary, they adapt the product ranges to the new and changed vehicle structures.

In addition, the regular replacement of products with low turnover rates with innovative new products is an important part of the strategy.

The mission is not fulfilled until the goods have found their destination with the satisfied end consumer.


The Category Managers of MTS help you to manage individual product groups as strategic business units in order to increase customer benefit and noticeably improve the results of your company.


Category Managers provide you with comprehensive support in creating an optimal match of market, product group and products for your customers.


The products are divided into the following product ranges:

Car Care

Car Accessories


Bicycle Accessories

Electrical Installation Material