MTS new build in Rülzheim
Modern working
in 6,500 m²

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Modern working

interior construction I

Concentration, discussion & exchange with colleagues

Anyone who thinks of "open-plan offices" as the noisy, narrow, crowded rooms from old cinema films in which it was impossible to work undisturbed, can be assured that this has nothing to do with the "open-plan spaces" of today's generation.
Individuality, flexibility and communication are at the heart of the new space concepts. In practice, for the new building in Rülzheim, this means that the offices offer varied options to withdraw and work alone or as part of a team.

There are 20 meeting rooms available for larger group discussions. With eleven smaller rooms for four to five people and eight large meeting rooms for eight to twelve people, as well as a very large divisible conference room for up to 30 people, there is a suitable (available) room for any number of participants.

In addition, 21 so-called "think tanks", i.e. small creative spaces for 1-2 persons, providing opportunities for undisturbed brainstorming or confidential phone calls. Open and relaxed discussions are also possible at "meeting points", of which there will be several on each floor. The motto is: as much exchange as possible, as much quiet as necessary.

interior construction II

Technical building equipment

In the last Nena, we clarified the importance of optimum lighting in the workspaces for efficient working and pointed out that for precisely these reasons the window area in Rülzheim was increased even further.  
According to the current plan, there will also be free-standing workstation spotlights with direct and indirect light as an additional light source to the standard basic lighting. These allow pairs of employees to flexibly adjust the lighting.
And, as different individuals require different light levels, the same goes for temperature. A sophisticated ventilation system ensures a good climate in the new building. Opening the window is a gratifying experience - especially for ventilation. Houses are designed so that every other window can be opened. However, especially in summer, when the breeze floods the room with warm air, it is advisable to do without this ventilation and instead rely on the ventilation installed in the house, which brings temperature-controlled fresh air into the building.

The energy floor, similar to an underfloor heating system, cools from below in summer and heats in winter. At an outside temperature of 32 degrees, it keeps the temperature inside constant at 26 degrees - unless additional windows are opened. And since heat comes from the sun's rays as well as the air, Venetian blinds are being used in the new building to protect from direct solar radiation and, in summer, to act as heat insulation. However, this does not result in limited lighting, as daylight can enter without restriction - a win-win situation. 
Whether sun or snow - the clever equipment in the building guarantees pleasant working conditions all year round.

The finished building

See the construction work in time-lapse video